In the Duchy of Cornwall

We arrived last night into Saint Mary's, in the Scilly Isles.  Called the National Yachtline of Her Majesty's government and declared two foreigners and one cat.  The cat has an European Pet Passport, issued by Ireland, we clarified.  The gentleman on the line said he'd notify Customs.  

We asked whether we should remain at the boat.  He said he didn't know when a Customs officer would be available, and that we certainly couldn't be confined to the boat, could we?  So he said we can do whatever we like.  Definitively a gentleman, as we said.

Commented the guy manning the harbourmaster's office this morning: "crazy, uh?"

Fine with us, though.  Long live the Queen!

St. Mary's Harbour.   Peregrinus  at mooring, somewhere in there.  iPhone 6 Plus.  19 June 2015. 

St. Mary's Harbour.  Peregrinus at mooring, somewhere in there.  iPhone 6 Plus.  19 June 2015.