County Cork

County Cork looks... like the movies of Ireland.  Emerald green pastures, with hedge rows in between the fields in the rolling hills.  In the flower of Spring, tree leaves shimmer in sunlight in an orgy of green.

A gentleman from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine arrived promptly after our arrival, as previously arranged, to admit the Alférez into Ireland.  The fee is €50.  As we had no Euros yet, he said no problem: he issued and stamped a receipt, and asked us to leave him an envelope with the fee at the bar.  We say, 'Sláinte' that!

The Kinsale Yacht Club registration takes place at the bar: best location for check-in we have ever seen.  The Admiral asked for an electric adapter for Peregrinus' US-type electric plug.  A gentleman in the bar volunteered to help, walked the Admiral back to the boat, and ended up taking the Seaman all over the County searching for said adapter.  The gizmo cost €2.30.  The life stories John the Scot-transplanted-into-Kinsale and captain of Igraine of Camelot told us over beers and wine back at Peregrinus all afternoon are priceless.