We, the dissidents

We found a chart of "all the civilian and navy flags of the world"  in the Maritime Museum of Seville.  It includes a section on treacherous American insurrectionists: América Disidente.

The subversives: Alto Perú, Bajo Perú, Colombia, Buenos-Ayres, Chile, Mejico, and Estado Central de America.

The rebel Estado Central de America, founded 1821, eventually dissolved into Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica in 1840.  Recusant Colombia, founded 1819, later split into Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia (including Panama) in 1831.  Insurgent Alto Perú is of course Bolivia, founded 1825.

A chart like this had a more-than-academic interest for a European power.  Out at sea, it was critical to be able to identify friends and foes, yay!, even those disloyal American rebels.  In the Museum of the Navy in Lisbon, for example, we saw a painting of a Portuguese frigate sunk, with substantial loss of hands, by a Buenos-Ayres naval vessel during the time the newly-minted Argentineans and the Kingdom of Portugal were in conflict for possession of what would later become Uruguay.  

The chart is undated, but it must be from after 1825, because the Alto Perú flag did not previously exist.   Conceivably the chart could be from before 1831, and it evidently cannot be from after 1840.

Click image to enlarge.  Prospecto General De todas las Banderas que se izan a bordo de los Buques de guerra y mercantes de todas las naciones.  Museo Marítimo de Sevilla, Torre del Oro.  12 December 2015.  Leica Typ 114.