Most of the Saint John river shores were settled in 1783 by those who chose to stay loyal to king and country and uproot themselves from the rebellious Colonies south of here.  Saint John, first city chartered in Canada, and Fredericton, capital of New Brunswick, were both established that year. 

Motts Landing Vineyard and Winery, on Washademoak Lake, sits on the parcel of land granted to the Motts family during Loyalist settlement.  It offers a free mooring for passing boats, right in front of the sign that reads "Winery" on the north shore.  

The winery owner’s Loyalist family still holds their original land grant upriver, and decided to honor tradition by not renaming the Landing.  We liked the wines very much and find them very refreshing and easy on the palate, which shouldn’t surprise, as the owner, Sonia, spends every Canadian winter in New Zealand at work, winemaking during the austral months there.  Now, isn’t that just the perfect arrangement?