Amel Rendezvous

A bunch of Amel sailors decided to meet up this weekend in Saint Michaels.  A variety of models are represented, from Amel Sharki to Amel Santorin to Super Maramu.    We had an impromptu party at Peregrinus from 11am to 5pm, and afterwards the crew of Brevis had us over for a gracious dinner.  

The town began as St. Michael's parish in 1677.  It is now a very picturesque village full of little family owned stores and popular in Maryland as a wedding and honeymoon destination.

A raft-up of three Amels.  Foreground,  Aletes  (with Mike waving)  , followed by  Peregrinus  and  Fiasco.  July 12.

A raft-up of three Amels.  Foreground, Aletes (with Mike waving), followed by Peregrinus and Fiasco. July 12.