Obligatory touristy pic

After a few fruitful days in Fort Lauderdale, where we very much enjoyed meeting the Quebeçois crew of Mångata, we sailed on June 4th for Palm Beach, and are now at anchor in Lake Worth, which provides quite a scenic tableau.  

Right next to us we've seen a resourceful diver, who cleaned our hull together with his son, find and claim a large abandoned anchor; a Palm Beach "soccer mom" pick up her daughter's friends from house to house... er, from dock to dock; the neighbours of one of those have a shouting match («you are not a gentleman, you are a pig!») right as they stepped off their own boat; and other gossipy stuff.

We've also had a parade of little boats cross our bow at anchor.  So far, Lime Light, 196 feet, Limitless, 315 feet, and the pocket-sized sailboat Genevieve, 121 feet.

But we had a surprise this morning as we stopped at the Palm Beach Sailing Club for a brief visit: Venus is again here, having crossed the Panama Canal no less than four times since Steve Jobs passed away.

And so here is the Admiral later in the day with the iBoat when we went for drinks at the club.  Observe how the faux terrace deck at the top hides most of the antenna farm typical of larger boats today, to achieve Steve's trademark cleaned-up look.  The aft deck, below and aft of the flag, has an iPhone-shaped skylight on it, which we found amusing.

The Admiral driving  Peregrinus'  tender, foreground, with  Venus  in the background.  Rybovich Marina, June 6, 2014.  iPhone 4S, ISO 50, 1/163.

The Admiral driving Peregrinus' tender, foreground, with Venus in the background.  Rybovich Marina, June 6, 2014.  iPhone 4S, ISO 50, 1/163.