A library for errant sailors

This is about half the library section of Peregrinus, aside from the numerous sailing touring guides we carry, known as "cruising guides" in the marine world.

Most books we haven't read; and some, only one of the crew has had the pleasure.   There's a bunch of history, including histories of Spain (Pérez), England (Hibbert), and Central America (Cardenal, Lutz), and there's a bit of Cervantes and of Shakespeare.  Many are long overdue reading (Barzun), and some may be unbearable: how exactly did we end up with Proust in there?  Some are well loved, but read decades ago and in need of re-reading from the perspective of adulthood: Dumas and Tolkien, for instance.

Hopefully we'll come back without any of these books, as the custom among cruisers is to read and give away, or exchange.