Going around the fields for a name

Dr. David Butterfield,  of Queen's College, was our consultant in the search for the name for Peregrinus.  We initially proposed a series of ideas and impressions on what the name should mean to us and to our friends; Dr. Butterfield provided a document with dozens of great proposals in classic Latin and Greek.

Most of the proposed names we thought difficult to pronounce or already taken.  For example, Latin Vector (voyager), Maria (seas), Nauta (sailor); or their Greek equivalents EmporosThalassaeNautilos.

But one name caught our fancy: Peregrinator, Latin for traveler.  One objection we had was, as we wrote the professor: «Unhappily, we have to deal with the realities of popular culture and until the generation that watched the films of Mr. Schwarzenegger passes away, others would have imputed the nickname Terminator   to our ship».

Using his proposal as basis, we went for Peregrinus, Latin for foreigner, and ultimately from greek: someone who goes around the fields.   περί - peri, like periphery or perimeter and ἀγρός - agrós, like agriculture.

Peregrinus popa.jpg