Late lunch on a rainy day

Peregrinus came with a full Amel-branded dinner set in melamine, a dinnerware material that evoked memories of childhood among the crew.  It is not ideal for microwave use because it warms up as quickly as the food itself, but otherwise it is perfect for a boat: it is light, resistant to breaking or chipping, and looks great after repeated use.  One day in the children's department at Arango in Miami we came across these melamine Alphabet plates and bowls, and snapped a set right away.  These are made by Design Letters, which secured permission from the Arne Jacobsen estate to use the font he designed in 1937 for the City Hall in Århus.

The serving fountains are Alessi’s Programma 8, by Franco Sargiani and Eija Helander, a collection originally designed in the 1970’s and extended in 2005.  Aside from being rational design pieces, these are practical because they go from oven to table to dishwasher.  The Programma 8 tray, not shown, is ideal for carrying all the pieces in one trip when dining on deck.

Notice there’s no wine on the table?  We are beginning to run out!